Scrap Sound Works presents BIOME, an experimental film by Mason Lange and Conor McGibboney. This film is about two musicians who create a universe with music. In this new universe, a water world emerges and they set the seeds of life in motion with the sounds of their imaginations. Featuring music by the film creators along with new renditions of songs by Charles Valentin Alkan and Ludwig Van Beethoven, BIOME is a voyage into a new plane of reality.

BIOME – Experimental Film

The Butterfly’s Metarmophosis (Metamorphosis) – La Metamorphose du Papillon

This is a Scrap Sound Works version of The Seikilos Epitaph, the oldest surviving complete musical composition on EARTH! Thought to be a song from someone named Seikilos to someone named Euterpe (perhaps his wife), the epitaph has been dated from around 200 BC to around AD 100.

We used footage from La Metamorphose du Papillon, a film from 1904 directed by Segundo de Chomon, with choreography by Loie Fuller. Note that Loie Fuller is not performing in the original work from 1904, yet her choreography was used in the film.

In this Scrap Sound Works music video, we wanted to experimentally explore combining the oldest surviving complete musical composition with a film from the dawn of film making. The butterfly is a creature that changes form just as art forms change within the known universe.

La Metamorphose du Papillon Seikilos Epitaph Music Video

Flamenco In Flight was filmed and edited by Michael Yoder with music by Casey Saba and Conor McGibboney. This is a relaxing music video with footage of plants in their natural element. This song was also released on the Under The Bed, Over The Moon album as Mind Bird.

New Music Video, Flamenco In Flight, Filmed and Edited by Michael Yoder

A song by Conor McGibboney, Not Blue But Blue.

Not Blue But Blue Music Video

These chimes are made for drummers. The chimes that hang lowest ring more like a bell, while the chimes around edge have a jingly, almost dreamlike ring.

Dreamlike Sounding Medium Chimes for Drumkits

These chimes are custom made to add to a drumkit. The chimes are made from found metal objects and scrap wood. The thin peices of brass are from the inside of locks. These chimes have a great crash sound and make other unique sounds as well.

Great Crash Sound on these Drum Kit Chimes

So we were at The Argo Theater playing around with some of our percussion toys and Mason Lange stopped by and shared his thoughts about a circular piece of sheet metal.

Mason Lange Stops By The Theater

Custom Chimes For Drumkit. The chimes are made with reused metal objects from old locks.

Custom Chimes For Drum Kit